10 facts about overactive bladder, a disease that affects 3 in 10 Portuguese – Current

10 facts about overactive bladder, a disease that affects 3 in 10 Portuguese - Current

4. Overactive bladder is not synonymous with surgery

There are medications that can work on this syndrome. Currently there are two classes of treatments available that act on the urine storage phase and on the emptying phase. In addition, there are people who can reduce symptoms with behavioral or lifestyle changes.

5. Some foods and beverages have an "irritating" effect on the bladder and may contribute to the exacerbation of symptoms

Those who have overactive bladder should avoid drinking caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee or energy drinks as well as alcoholic beverages, and avoid eating too spicy, spicy foods, chocolates, and tomato-based foods.

6. Overactive bladder and urinary incontinence are different pathologies

While the former consists of involuntary and sudden involuntary spasm of the bladder wall muscle, urinary incontinence is characterized by involuntary loss of urine. Although they are different problems, they can manifest simultaneously, through the involuntary loss of urine when one feels a strong urge to urinate

7. Overactive bladder has a major impact on patients' quality of life

Although not a physically disabling, painful, or fatal disease, it can lead some people to depression or isolation.

8. Cold can aggravate symptoms of overactive bladder in various ways

The main reason is that cold or sudden changes in temperature stimulate the fibers that make the bladder enervation in people with overactive bladder

9. Only 10% of patients with overactive bladder seek medical help

One of the main causes for the devaluation of the symptoms is the lack of information on the part of the patients and of the health providers. The sense of shame and the mistaken notion that it is "a problem of age" contribute to the delay in diagnosis.

10. Information is essential

People with the above symptoms should seek help from their family doctor or urologist in order to get the diagnosis fast and the best treatment possible. As information and tips are never too much, the site Get Started Today it may help people with overactive bladder to have a healthier bladder. Here you can find information attested by health professionals about this syndrome, as well as advice for a lifestyle that promotes health.

The explanations are of the doctor Frederico Ferronha, specialist in Urology in the Hospital of San Jose.

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