10 new games to enjoy the end of the Xbox One cycle – Multimedia

10 new games to enjoy the end of the Xbox One cycle - Multimedia

Microsoft took advantage of the latest edition of E3 to lift part of the veil that still covers its next console. For now, the system has a codename – Project Scarlett – but will soon be given an official name to introduce itself as the successor to Xbox One.

"For us the console is vital and important, and it has to be optimized for gaming," said Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, to announce the new gaming platform. The next console aims to end the loading times, and taking into account technology partner AMD, the philosophy fits in with that of its rival PlayStation 5. And of course, more realistic graphics, which means introducing Ray Tracing technology, according to the testimony of many game developers and hardware people.

But the company's E3 wasn't just about the next generation of consoles. Since many new games were expected to be announced, Microsoft did not disappoint and showed close to 60 games, including exclusive and cross-platform games, AAA releases and also interesting indie proposals. These and other titles line up to close another era of Redmond's gaming division.

Prior to the upcoming Xbox, due for spring next year, there are still many proposals to explore. Session is just one of them. The game has excited fans of the saga Skate, which is slow to win its fourth chapter, and will hit Xbox in September with the promise of bringing the urban charm of skateboarding back to the console. The game was funded through Kickstarter and reached the goal set just three days after the campaign began.

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