10 new games to try on your smartphone – Multimedia

10 new games to try on your smartphone - Multimedia

June brought us two more hands full of interesting mobile games. If not, let's look at Tiny Rooms: Town Mystery, a detective game that will set you up for puzzles to find clues to find out why the city is deserted. The twist, in this case, is all the mechanics of exploration, which gives you a privileged perspective on buildings and divisions, which you have to rotate and rummage around to find what you are looking for.

The most original game award goes to Farm Punks, which has a slightly different premise than usual as it invites you to shoot fruit cannons down the mountain. The idea is to throw the fruit as far as possible so that it can be sold for the highest price in one of the squares that are mounted on the slope.

June was also the month that Niantic gave us a magical version of Pokémon Go, with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The game recovers augmented reality and leaves the player in a magical world, inspired by the fantasy universe constructed by J. Rowling, which not only gave to the saga of the sorcerer, but now serves as the basis for the adventures of Newt Scamander in Fantastic Monsters. In this game, you will find references to both stories, which make the lathe an inescapable part for all fans.

In addition to these proposals, we also highlight the presence of some RPGs, such as Dungeon Tales and the very complete Dawn of Isles.

See the gallery below and get to know 10 of the best mobile games of the month of June.

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