10 new games to try out in September – Multimedia

10 new games to try out in September - Multimedia

After a few months at half-gas, the video game market is bouncing back. Firstly, September is the month when sports franchises are renewed, such as FIFA and NBA 2K. In Portugal, where the former is naturally more popular than the latter, FIFA 20 is expected with much anticipation, especially after EA has announced what will be the biggest news of this edition: Volta. This new game mode brings back the urban charm of FIFA Street and returns the game to the streets in games played in makeshift arenas where feint is the boss.

Borderlands 3 is another of the titles that hits the market in September. The game is a first-person shooter RPG, which continues the story of Borderlands 2, released in 2012, and promises the adrenaline rush of custom in a post apocalyptic world.

For Xbox fans, it is in Gears 5 that the highest hopes are set. The game is part of one of the most classic sagas of the Microsoft ecosystem. This chapter focuses on a character who goes looking for answers that explain the origins of his family. As usual, there will be room for diverse arsenals and many monsters.

At Switch, the highlight goes to The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. The game was first released in 1993 for GameBoy and later had a new version five years later for GameBoy Color. Now the game comes back to life entirely revamped, with a modern look, to give in to Switch players.

These and other games hit the market in September. Check out the gallery below and see which titles you can try out in the coming weeks.

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