10 new mobile games to play in the month of March – Multimedia

10 new mobile games to play in the month of March - Multimedia

TypoMan, Jaws.io and Robbery Madness are just three of the games suggestions that have recently debuted in iOS and Android app stores.

If you are thinking about renewing the "library" of games you have on your smartphone, SAPO TEK has some suggestions to show you. This week we bring you 10 games, all of them just coming to their app stores and, most importantly, all of them free.

In the gallery below are 10 different proposals, which articulate genres and aesthetics very own, and that are, therefore, able to provide different experiences.

One of the featured games is Crowd City, a title with simple yet challenging mechanics. The game recovers the logic of Snake, where we control a snake in search of food to grow. In this case, the user has to control a crowd, through the streets of a city, and grow the group, grabbing more and more people. The game unfolds online and the competitive element arises against other groups that can absorb your case are larger.

A different proposition of this is TypoMan. The game revolves around a character, built with letters, that finds in words a force capable of changing its destiny. The adventure is filled with puzzles and puzzles that are solved with the formulation of expressions. However, it is not with the keyboard that these scenarios are solved, but rather with mechanics typical of a side-scroller, where the letters will have to be dragged and raised to strategic positions on the map.

In addition to these two games, we have eight others, which you can consult in the gallery below.

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