10 new mobile games to test in May – Multimedia

10 new mobile games to test in May - Multimedia

Today we bring you another 10 of the best games that independent studios and producers have produced in the last month. With proposals for iOS and Android, we have refilled a gallery with free and paid titles that promise to please every taste. Let's face it.

In April, a replay of a classic arcade machine came to the shops. Metal Slug Infinity (MSI) brings the same personality of the game that we are used to, betting on speed and action, but with elements of RPG to the mix that make the whole experience in a more contemporary Metal Gear.

With less action, Cultist Simulator appears. It is a card game, based on the paranormal, which invites the user to unravel mysteries and mysterious stories, always based on the mysterious universe where the spirits and the old gods reign. Cultist Simulator does not reveal much about its own nature because, as the creators say, part of the charm lies in figuring out how to play.

In the segment of the most traditional proposals is Rumble Stars. The game combines football, animated figures and a lot of strategy. It is possible to play online against other players, but the real competition lies in the leagues and divisions that can be promoted when defeating opponents online.

But if these three proposals are not enough diversity for you, look at the gallery below and know more seven games, which you can now experience, both iOS and Android.

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