111 new jobs created with support from the Algarve 2020 Operational Program

111 new jobs created with support from the Algarve 2020 Operational Program

The 49 applications for the tender for the support system for employment and entrepreneurship + CO3SO – Employment approved today by the Algarve Operational Program allowed the creation of 111 new jobs in the region.

In collaboration with the Local Action Groups (GAL), the PO Algarve launched the tender notices in late July, within the scope of the action to promote and create jobs in micro and small companies, and in the entities of the social economy.

The management committee of the PO Algarve 2020 decided today, Friday, the 11th, in a meeting to analyze the proposals presented by the Local Action Groups (GAL), to approve the increase of 3 million euros in the allocation of these tenders.

Thus, 49 applications submitted under this system of support for employment and entrepreneurship were approved + CO3SO – Employment, relating to the first phase of the notices, approving the creation of 111 new jobs, and an amount of public funding exceeding 6 million euros, of which 4.8 million euros come from the European Social Fund (ESF) and the rest is from the Social Security budget.

“This measure to support the creation of jobs has three types of operation: interior, urban and social entrepreneurship, with the approval of 13 jobs in low density areas (interior), corresponding to an investment of almost 600 thousand euros ”, informed the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission.

23 jobs were also created in sectors intensive in technology or knowledge, within the scope of the RIS 3 Regional smart specialization strategy domains: «Sea, Fisheries and Aquaculture», «Agrifood, Agro-transformation, Forest and Green Biotechnology», « ICT and Creative and Cultural Industries »,« Renewable energies »and« Health, Well-being and Life Sciences ».

The approval of applications submitted to the second phase of the + CO3SO-Emprego notices is scheduled for mid-January next year.


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