1st edition of the 510 Challenge Cup Burning the Ribbons 2019

1st edition of the 510 Challenge Cup Burning the Ribbons 2019


On the 8th, at 4:00 p.m., in the Parque do Choupalinho, the first edition of the 510 Challenge Cup Burning 2019.

According to a press release sent to the DAIRY AS BEIRAS, it was a canoeing event organized by the Sports Office of the University of Coimbra (GDUC), within the framework of the Queima das Fitas sports program, which was co-sponsored by the Portuguese Federation of Canoeing (FPC), the Fluvial Club of Coimbra (CFC) and the company Nelo Kayaks.

The 510 Challange Cup Queima das Fitas consisted of a circuit with a thousand meters between the pedestrian bridges Pedro and Inês and Santa Clara, in Nelo 510 boats exceeding expectations regarding the number of participants.

Participation in the competition was free and open to the entire community, which led the organization to divide the competition into two categories: green (initiation) and orange (advanced).

The winners were:

Female Initiation: 1st Marianna Cardoso, 2nd Catarina Ogando, 3rd Beatriz Baptista

Male Initiation: 1st Gonçalo Lopes, 2nd António Correia, 3rd Sijeimes Soares

Advanced Women: 1st Sara Sotero, 2nd Joana Sousa

Advanced Male: 1st Nuno Brandão, 2nd Mário Santos, 3rd Bailey De Foundaumiere

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