20 reasons to have sex – Sex

20 reasons to have sex - Sex

Having sex is something that, in addition to maintaining the intimacy of couples, brings good disposition and very good to body and mind. Advised to be done at least three times a week and in moderate amounts, it is a great way to have an active sex life. Since we want you to always have a smile on your face, we will tell you what are the 20 reasons why you should do it.

1) Sex is considered a beauty treatment, because when the woman has sex the estrogen level in the body doubles and ends up making the skin softer and hair brighter.

2) In addition to improving your relationship, your brain begins to associate your partner with the feeling of pleasure. Thus, your relationship may increase due to the amount of times you enjoy.

3) Besides, it makes you lose weight. The 'quickies' that last at least 20 minutes, weekly will mean 7,500 calories, which means the same as running 120 km.

4) The estrogen hormones that are released when you have sex, protect your heart and help prevent diseases like Alzheimer's and Osteoporosis.

5) Making sex increases life expectancy.

6) Clears the senses, especially the smell. This happens soon after orgasm, as the prolactin hormone is elevated, which causes the brain cells to produce new neurons in the olfactory bulb and thus increase their capacities.

7) Your mental and emotional health is influenced by sex. If you are mildly depressed and have sex, your body will release endorphins, which are responsible for reducing stress and increasing your happiness.

8) Sweating while having intercourse makes your skin cleaner and thus decreases the risk of having dermatitis.

9) It strengthens your muscles, but it all depends on the acrobatics you do in bed.

10) The more active your sex life is, the more attractive it will look to people of the opposite sex, as increased sexual activity causes the body to release more pheromones, which are considered the chemicals of passion.

11) It ends up becoming a pain inhibitor, because before orgasm the levels of the oxytocin hormones will increase about five times and this will cause them to release endorphins, which will eventually calm the pain.

12) If you suffer from migraines, be aware that these also disappear when you have sex. This is because the capillaries are widened so, end the excuse of "my head hurts."

13) Sex gives you greater control of your bladder, thus strengthening your pelvic muscles and controlling your urine flow.

14) Regulates and lowers cholesterol levels while maintaining the ratio of good and bad cholesterol.

15) Decreases the possibility of colds and flu.

16) A good night of sex can become a great medicine to treat your allergies. Since this is a natural antihistamine helps to combat asthma as well as fever.

17) Helps you relax and forget about problems.

18) It makes you sleep better, especially after orgasm, since it leaves the body completely relaxed and thus makes you have a more restful night.

19) It makes your teeth better, because the seminal plasma that comes in contact with the teeth prevents cavities.

20) Lastly, it is considered the best way to have natural pleasure, so enjoy and enjoy sex.

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