3 tips that will make you like condoms more – Relationships

3 tips that will make you like condoms more - Relationships

Some people associate it only with AIDS prevention and contraception, but the benefits of using condoms do not stop here, as this remains the best way to prevent and pass on sexually transmitted diseases. Still, there are men and women out there who curse you. The sexologist Pascal de Sutter, author of the book "Désir, roman sex-informatif" published in France, puts his finger on the wound.

"The use of condoms is never a pleasant thing," says the specialist, who, over the years, has consulted with people of all ages. and social quadrants. Nevertheless, there are ways of getting around the situation, as pointed out in his work, "Desire, sex-informative romance", in literal tradition.

1. Do an individual workout

The use of condoms, although almost instinctive, does not cease to require some training. Opening the package, unwrapping it and putting it in a moment of anxiety, especially when you are in the presence of a new partner, can generate some stress.

To avoid this, the sexologist Pascal de Sutter advises men, especially in adolescence and early adulthood, to masturbate using a condom. "It is not pleasant, but when you get this habit, it becomes an intuitive gesture and, in the presence of a partner, it becomes immediately automatic," says the expert.

2. Do a shared workout

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