30 space landscapes that marked the month of April – Multimedia

30 space landscapes that marked the month of April - Multimedia

In April, a group of scientists showed us that which is the first real photograph of a black hole. This is the first time that the scientific community has been able to capture the phenomenon, which is invisible to the human eye, but has fascinated specialists in the cosmos for several decades because it is not governed by the laws of physics.

The image was released on April 10, but it was not the only record that marked the month. Five days later, NASA highlighted an image of Jupiter, where it is possible to see a cloud, internationally known as "dolphin", by the way it resembles the aquatic mammal.

But the month again surprised us by the space landscapes that were being captured by professionals and amateurs. Even far from the more mediatic cosmic phenomena, the targets did not fail to capture impressive events, as was the case of the spiral aurora that decorated the skies of Iceland or the takeoff of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy.

April 10, 2019

Martian Moon Phobos Crosses the Sun
Video Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, MSSS, Curiosity Rover

April 14, 2019

The Leo Trio
Image Credit & Copyright: Markus Bauer

April 22, 2019

Mars Methane Mystery Deepens
Video Credit: NASA's GSFC, Scientific Visualization Studio

April 28, 2019

All of Mercury
Image Credit: NASA / JHU Applied Physics Lab / Carnegie Inst. Washington

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