300 million dollars in just 200 days. So go Fortnite on iOS – iOS

300 million dollars in just 200 days. So go Fortnite on iOS - iOS

It is the most lucrative game in the history of the App Store and far away from PUBG, the second most popular game of the genre.

It's just a mobile version, but it generates revenue as if it were not. Only in iOS equipment, Fortnite has already given more than 300 million dollars to Epic Games. This all in 200 days, according to market analyst, Sensor Tower. Remember that the game is also available for the three largest consoles in the market (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch), in addition to the PC.

Fortnite is a third-person shooter, which has in the battle royale its greatest attraction. The biggest curiosity about revenue figures is that the game is entirely free, and players just have to pay to customize their characters. Here does not exist pay-to-win, which means that all features that may have an impact on the player's performance in battle are also available to everyone whether or not the user has spent money playing the game. However, the season passes proved to be a win bet. By acquiring one of these passes, players will unlock new personalization items for their characters as they accumulate game points. Just the week that the sixth season was launched, on September 27th, the game made more than $ 20 million worth of purchases made on iPhone and iPad.

The phenomenon is surprising, especially if we compare it with other hits in the mobile universe. The closest to reaching Fortnite's numbers was Clash Royale, which placed $ 228 million in the first 200 days of the App Store.

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Revenues generated by mobile games in the first 200 days they were available in the App Store.

The Android version has not given so much return to the studio responsible for this title. To date, revenue has been generated in the order of $ 60 million, but it should be noted that the game has only been available for mobile devices with Google OS since last August 9.

Compared with Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, which is the second most popular game of the genre, Fortnite also stands out. Since arriving on iOS on March 19, the game has generated "only" $ 47 million.

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