318 former politicians receive lifetime grants. List includes Socrates, Duarte Lima, Armando Vara, Santana Lopes or Guterres – The Economic Journal

After three years on hold, the list of former politicians receiving lifetime monthly grants is published again.

The list of former politicians who receive lifetime monthly grants includes names such as former Socialist Prime Minister Jose Socrates (2,372 euros per month) or former Socialist Prime Minister Antonio Guterres (4,138 euros).

The list includes several names of Cavaco Silva governments, such as Manuel Dias Loureiro (1,571 euros per month), Ferreira Amaral (3,048 euros), or Pacheco Pereira (2,207 euros), Santana Lopes (2,199 euros per month) or Leonor Beleza (2,566 euros) .

On the part of the Government of António Guterres, is the name of Manuel Maria Carrilho (1,334 euros per month).

By the Government of Passos Coelho, is the name of Miguel Relvas (2,899 euros per month).

Several governors of the Macao government are on this list, such as Carlos Melancia (9,727 euros per month), Vasco Joaquim Rocha Vieira (13,607 euros per month).

Gaia's former Social Democratic mayor, Luis Filipe Menezes, is entitled to a monthly grant of 1,226 euros.

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