“40 issues, 40 news” at FATACIL – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

“40 issues, 40 news” at FATACIL - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Nine days after the start of FATACIL, “the expectation for the 40th edition is huge, and you can see why…“ 40 editions, 40 new features ”, says the municipality. «For 10 days, thousands of people pass through FATACIL, who value the Fair with its traditions, memories and wishes and in 2019 FATACIL is taking firm steps in betting the public of the future, without losing its ability to deepen its roots. and traditions »underlines the executive.

The executive highlights for 2019, in its 40th Edition, the attribution of the motto ““ 40 editions, 40 novelties ”, among which we highlight:

Alteration of the stage to the west top of the Captain Josino da Costa stadium, in what will be one of the biggest stages that ever existed in FATACIL, thus increasing the exhibitor area, now having almost 60 thousand square meters, and the possibility to receive for 25 thousand visitors daily, five thousand more than the previous year;

A youth-oriented poster with the creation of a Fun Zone and an electronic tent where the main characters will be the video games, the simulators and even the well-known youtubers, Tiagovski, Jessica Pinho, Nuno Moura, Pedro Tim, JaimeDrake, Shutdown. , among others, will be available to live with young people;

More parking spaces, more ticket offices and easier access to the enclosure;

Environmental concerns about the reduction of plastic at the Fair, through the campaign “Better a glass in hand, than a dozen on the floor”. All beverage outlets will be equipped with recyclable and reusable cups;

Artisans who during the 10 days of the event will be working live, in traditional activities;

In the equestrian sector the highlight goes to the national premiere of Paco Martos, an internationally renowned Spanish rider;

Remembering that every day, until dinner time, the lounge space will be animated with musical sunsets and street entertainment, with the usual performances by
algarvian folk ranches.

Still in the lounge area, the bet remains the best thing to do in Portugal, the Algarve, but especially in Lagoa, as far as wines are concerned. This year with the presence of Peso da Régua, considered the city of wine 2019, a distinction also attributed to Lagoa in 2016. In that same space, will be presented the queen of the vintage.
of Lagoa, of 2019.

“This is a big event that, in terms of notoriety, even rivals the county's own notoriety; It is a show that over the years has had many ups and downs, but it is with great pride that I say that this 40th edition has been recognized for its work with the award of the Five Stars Regions Award », says Luís Encarnação, president of the municipality. «The music poster we present has everything to make this Fatacil a huge success; this is already a hallmark of the county, which promotes it like no other and that goes beyond the borders of the region and
of the country and proof of that is that we will have the visit of the Prime Minister ”, concludes the edil.

Daily Ticket – 1 person …………………… .. € 4.00
Daily Ticket – Family (4 people) ………… € 14.00
10 Days Ticket – 1 person …………………… € 25.00
– Visitors up to 12 years old are free of charge upon presentation of the respective identification document;



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