40 years of FATACIL, 40 years of Xutos and much more – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

40 years of FATACIL, 40 years of Xutos and much more - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Fatacil is one of the most recognized brands in the region. It commemorates its 40th edition, in the same year that the University of Algarve and the Portuguese rock band invited to open the first night, the "Xutos e Pontapés", celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Joining the 40 th edition maturity, to the young spirit that renews in 2019, FATACIL "promises an edition full of the best that the Algarve offers", says the autarchy. Products, brands, proposals and suggestions, will be in the venue, where it is already tradition that the Algarve make a special meeting with the summer.

The great party-fair of the south of the country takes place in the second half of August, between the days 16 and 25, in the Municipal Park of Fairs and Exhibitions of the city of Lagoa. The organization is the responsibility of the municipality, which establishes for the purpose, partnerships with the institutions of the region.

According to the municipality, "the concert poster integrates a range of proposals that combine the diversity of musical tastes with the youth that will mark this 40th edition".

FATACIL – Fair of Crafts, Tourism, Agriculture, Commerce and Industry of Lagoa 2019, receives on the first night the iconic "Xutos e Pontapés". The "Calema" arrive on Saturday night 17. On Sunday, 18, it is the "Zebra Sepia" day – finalists of the Music contest already- and the "Wet Bed Gang". João Pedro Pais takes the stage on Monday night, and Matias Damásio on Tuesday, 20. In the middle of the week, Quim Barreiros promises animation. "Blaya" will sound on the 22nd. The last three nights will host other major names in Portuguese music: Jorge Palma to 23, Mariza to 24, and Richie Campbell to close on August 25th.

The creation of a technological tent dedicated to youngsters, with several video games and simulators, with the presence of youtubers, streamers and top players, as well as the free entry offer for all children up to 12 years old, are other notes of a FATACIL that in the 40th edition, continues in rejuvenation.

Suggestions from FATACIL that was honored this year with the award "Five Stars Region 2019".

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