48% of Americans still believe Trump conspired with Putin's Russia – The Economic Journal

48% of Americans still believe Trump conspired with Putin's Russia - The Economic Journal

About half of US citizens continue to believe that President Donald Trump worked with Russia to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. The news was released by Reuters after a poll conducted after special prosecutor Robert Mueller ended the investigations in relation to Trump.

The study, quoted by Reuters, shows that Americans feel more positive about Trump after finding out about the 22-month investigation into which Russia has intruded in the election to lead the country.

US Attorney General William Barr says the investigation did little to alter public opinion about the alleged links between the two presidents of Russia and the United States. According to the lawyer's summary released last Sunday, Robert Mueller found no evidence that Donald Trump's campaign in 2016 was conspired with Putin's Russia, but Muller's investigation did not rule out the possibility of the US president, have obstructed the investigation.

In the Reuters poll, 48 percent of respondents said they believed that "Trump or someone from the campaign worked with Russia to influence the 2016 elections." Still, when asked specifically about the issue of occlusion and obstruction of justice, the results presented on Sunday saw the percentage drop about 6% from the previous week. However, 53% say they believe that "Trump tried to cancel investigations into Russia's influence on its administration," less two percentage points than last week.

The Reuters poll added, online, 1,003 adults. And it found a public approval rate of 43% of Trump's services in the Oval Office for the country. This represents an increase of 4% compared to a similar poll released last week. So since January that portion of adults who approve Donald Trump in power ranged between 37% and 43%.

Trump reacted to Mueller's report, claiming to be a "full and complete exoneration," but promised to counter-attack with his own investigations of nameless political enemies whom Trump believes to be guilty of "wickedness" and "treacherous things."

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