5 Mistakes in Halloween Decorations That Everyone Elicits – Decorating and Gardens

5 Mistakes in Halloween Decorations That Everyone Elicits - Decorating and Gardens

In Portugal, still a few years ago, it had little or no expression but, like other dates imported, such as Valentine's Day, Brothers 'Day or Cousins' Day, Halloween has been imposing itself as an acquired holiday. In addition to theme parties in discos and hotels, there are those who organize themed dinners with family and friends and even people, many with children, who decorate the house with pumpkins.

There are, however, those who prefer witches and wires to imitate cobwebs. These are some of the symbols traditionally associated with this party, along with orange and black. However, according to experts in new trends, this iconography begins to be out of fashion. Then discover the top five mistakes that (almost) everyone makes when decorating for Halloween.

1. Lack of originality

When choosing what to wear for Halloween decorations, there are those who only see pumpkins and orange. Nothing more wrong! "The ideal is to reinvent the classics, take in the traditional elements of this festivity and give them an original touch." Pumpkins, for example, can be painted gray or covered in silver glitter, "suggests Ryan Korban, American.

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2. Exaggerate in black

Although it has an obscure and even black side, this should not be one of the dominant colors in the decoration of this time. "We should never exaggerate in black, we can use it to romance the thing and use other, clearer background colors, then incorporating elements such as black roses, black bows and dark silk tablecloths," says Ryan Korban.

3. Buy things

In these days, life does not always leave us time to manually make the decorations required for the festivities. Going to a store to buy things already ready to use ends up, therefore, by being the easiest way. "What makes Halloween more interesting is the things we do. Plastic skeletons, plastic autumn leaves, paper cobwebs and fabric ghosts are to be avoided," warns interior decorator Sasha Bikoff.

4. Restrict yourself to custom colors

Like fashion trends, palettes are also changing here. "Orange and black are good colors, but try alternating them with metallic tones. You can, for example, paint fake skeletons in silver or gold tones," suggests Sasha Bikoff, who also recommends decorative wood pieces. "And why not try creating pumpkin-like decorations inspired by the Kamasutra?" He adds.

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5. Use colored balloons

To brighten up Halloween decorations, there are those who buy little colored globes, often intertwined, like the lights used on Christmas trees. Nothing more wrong! "The idea is to recreate the clusters of candles that are seen in churches and cathedrals," Sasha Bikoff says. "It's a good idea to use candles of varying heights and thicknesses and place them on a table to create a Gothic ambience."

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