57% of Portuguese prefer to buy national products – The Economic Journal

At the moment of purchase, the majority of consumers (57%) seem to prefer the consumption of goods produced in Portugal. But when it comes to assessing the availability of products across industries, opinions are divided. About the food products opinions are almost unanimous, 96% of consumers note the availability of local products; followed by textile products (79%), and thirdly decoration and furniture products (76%).

According to data from the Observer Cetelem Consumption, half of consumers express preference for products manufactured in their respective countries. Portuguese consumers are slightly above average, with 57% referring to preferring products manufactured in Portugal.

But purchases of 1 in 5 Europeans are not influenced by the origin of the products, with the highest expression among Britons (34%), Belgians (34%) and Spaniards (30%). On the other hand, the countries where consumers value the source are Italy (90%), Bulgaria (88%) and Austria (87%). In Portugal, 79% of consumers give importance to the origin of products.

Offer of local products
When it comes to assessing the availability of local products in various sectors (food, leisure, hygiene and beauty, textiles and technology) opinions are again divided. Concerning food products, opinion is practically unanimous, 93% of Europeans note the availability of local products and a large number of Portuguese consumers have the same opinion (96%).

Of the household goods sector, more than half of Europeans (59%) consider that there is a high availability of local products, although there are significant differences between the countries surveyed. In Portugal, 76% of consumers say that there is a considerable supply of home-made products on the market.

In the textile sector, 79% of the Portuguese express a favorable opinion regarding availability, a result that may be influenced by the manufacturing tradition in the country and which is the most significant percentage among European countries, with an average of 54%. In this chapter, the French have the highest reserves (30%).

It is in the technological sector that Europeans most question the availability of local products (35%), highlighting the dependence of the European bloc on others, be it the North American or the Asian. The Portuguese seem to follow the same trend, with only 32% of consumers saying that there is technology produced in Portugal. The most optimistic in this area are the Romanians, with half of the respondents noticing the existence of a local offer in this sector. And, on the contrary, only 1 in 5 Frenchmen seem to share this opinion.

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