6 iOS and Android apps to help you renew your smartphone. They're all free – Apps

6 iOS and Android apps to help you renew your smartphone. They're all free - Apps

Casual games are among the fastest growing categories in app stores, and this is where you can often find more creativity. This is no excuse for the fact that the SAPO TEK team has chosen so many games to highlight this week, but it is even credible!

We brought applications to accelerators, for those who want to keep alive the relationship with the Pokémon and especially puzzles and challenges in puzzles. What escapes the rule is the TikTok app, and two productions that the creator of this application has in the gutter.

Follow the suggestions we leave on this page, you will see that you do not regret it.

Accelerate deep into Max Runner and beat your friends' online records

The game made by a young student is available for Android devices and transports players into a post-apocalyptic environment inspired by Mad Max.

The name Max Runner quickly indicates what we can expect from this new title available on Android. On the one hand, Max pays homage to the post-apocalyptic scenarios of Mad Max and the sequences of car chases. On the other hand, the concept of Runner based on the games with infinite circuits that attest the reflexes and persistence of the players.

In Max Runner you have to survive as long as possible on the forked paths of the tracks, avoid obstacles such as walls, rocks and even dirt barriers in the center of the tracks. The controls are simple, touching left and right to hit the steering, and let's say that the car is very responsive to the controls.

The longer you survive, the more points you will gain and compare with your friends' results. Along the track you can collect extra points, but avoid stepping on the red icons that decrease the score.

The game was created by a young Portuguese student, Alexandre Santos, who dreams of pursuing a career in video game production. This is the result of teaching video games in Portugal that are beginning to bear fruit, in this case a course that took in the World Academy. The game was created entirely by you, having only the collaboration of a friend to create the songs. The young man is already preparing his second video game, this time a platforms adventure called A Light in the Dark, the result of a Game Jam.

You can try Max Runner for free on Android at the following address.

Math Riddles challenges you to solve math puzzles and puzzles

The application is suitable for children and adults and features games that explore the relationships between numbers and geometric shapes.
Math Riddles presents you with a diverse set of logical puzzles, spread over different levels of difficulty. According to the creators of the application, each of these math challenges was prepared with the same approach that is usually taken in developing an IQ test.

Through these puzzles you can test your math skills. The puzzles allow you to exercise both parts of the brain, exploring the relationships between numbers and geometric shapes. The authors of the app say that players with strong analytical thinking skills will be able to recognize the pattern immediately.

The application is free and has the peculiarity of only displaying ads if the user so wishes, each view being entitled to a clue about the solution of the puzzle. All levels are suitable for both adults and children.

Logical puzzles are intended to strengthen connections between brain cells in order to enhance mental agility and reasoning. Mathematics games help improve concentration, as well as developing memory and perception skills. On the other hand, they intend to contribute to stress management in a fun way.

Math Riddles is available for free for Android on Google Play and for iOS in the App Store.

TikTok: the creator of the short videos app advances with chat and prepares music streaming

The app has been on the tops of iOS downloads in recent weeks, even after its use has been banned in India due to sexually explicit content.

TikTok got the top spot in downloads on Apple's App Store for the fifth consecutive week and the community of short video creators seems to continue to grow, as did the ambition of the creators of the application that replaced music.ly. According to the latest figures the app will already have surpassed 500 million downloads, which makes it the fastest growing social media platform in the world.

ByteDance, which created the app, has just launched a chat application, Flipchat, which competes directly with WeChat, and the international press has now rumored to be running a competing music streaming service from Spotify.

TikTok has been successful as a creative community that shares short, recorded and edited videos with special effects, filters and stikers. Music, 3D filters and emojis are part of the tools for users and there are already millions of videos shared, with the algorithm to allow you to fine tune the suggestions according to your interests.

The service's motto is "Make every second count" and so the duration of the videos is between 3 to 15 seconds, although they can be looped. More real and immediate, video creation has appealed to a younger generation, but is often criticized for allowing sexually explicit content and has already been banned in India.

The app is free and is available for iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play.

Do you like puzzles? These work in reverse

Making puzzles is always good for chilling out, but what if you are going to undo puzzles? This is what this game proposes.

The Reverse Puzzle starts easy easy, as is usual in most games. At the beginning there are few pieces and you do not even know very well what is the difficulty of undoing the puzzles presented. Only then the number of pieces is increased and one element or another is added to "shuffle the system", and it is already more interesting.

If the intention is to spend time with a game that does not stress much, Reverse Puzzle is ideal. Simple and with few settings, you only have to choose whether or not you want to have the active vibration mode – which makes the phone move whenever you miss a move – and if you want to peek at the tips, so that the levels flow better.

The game is available for Android and iOS devices and is free, with advertising that can be silenced if you play with WiFi off – but be aware that this way you can not access the tips …

F1 Manager already available in mobile version

Take your team to the top of the Formula 1 World Championship standings with all the riders and official circuits included.

The new mobile version of F1 Manager is already available for devices with iOS and Android systems. The game is the result of an official partnership between Formula 1 and mobile game maker Hutch, challenging users to test their strategic capabilities to bring their F1 team to the top.

The F1 Manager features all official circuits, teams and drivers of the 2019 Formula One World Championship including Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo.

The player will be the leader of the Formula 1 team and will have to make decisions of the most varied types, from the pit stop strategy or the choice of tires to how to react to accidents and climate changes.

The game also allows users to challenge each other for one-on-one duels in real-time.

F1 Manager is available for download for iOS on the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Pokémon Rumble Rush has come to smartphones and is one more reason to "catch them all"

Initially unveiled in 2017 as Pokéland, this mobile-style adaptation is inspired by the Pokémon Rumble series released in 2009 for 3DS and Wii U.

Pokémon Rumble Rush takes players to a world filled with islands populated by the famous little monsters. The game promotes the sense of exploration while finding new Pokémon and facing enemies by touching them on the screen. This new game is inspired by the Pokémon Rumble subs, which originally debuted in 2009 on the 3DS handheld and the Wii U home console.

The game challenges players to explore the islands to get as much Pokémon as possible, promising every two weeks to change the explored islands and seas to offer new adventures and creatures.

You can improve your favorite Pokémon through a story when you complete a level. This way you can make the creatures stronger and use powerful abilities. Only then will it be possible to defeat the most powerful Pokémon and bosses.

You can download free Pokémon Rumble Rush in Android version.

Have you decided which apps to install?

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