6 things that can make you allergic to sex – Sex

6 things that can make you allergic to sex - Sex

Many couples have sexual habits and behaviors that at first sight have nothing to do with strangeness or wrong. Lindsey Doe, a North American clinical sexologist and presenter of the "Sexplanations" show on the YouTube video channel, says, however, that this is not always the case. Many end up complaining about itching, watery eyes, runny nose and / or even urticaria, without relating one thing or another.

In some cases, more severe episodes of vaginal burns, swelling, blisters, tightness in the chest, vomiting, diarrhea and even, in extreme situations, loss of consciousness may occur. In a moment of intimacy to two, a more gasping breath, a faster heartbeat, or even a slightly above normal sweating are ultimately attributed to the intensity of the moment.

The symptoms, common to other problems, end up, in many cases, being despised. Most people, when looking for a specialist, do not even associate them directly with sexual activity. Have you seen this situation? Find out what the six things Lindsey Doe says can make you allergic to sex. Also follow the advice of the clinical sexologist to avoid this allergy (s).

1. Latex

Despite being one of the most used materials in the manufacture of condoms, there are many who are allergic to this raw material, also present in the composition of many sex toys. Vaginal irritation, itching, and a burning sensation are three of the most common consequences. Some people even get rashes. If in doubt, replace the condom with another contraceptive method.

In some cases, the problem may not be in the latex itself, but in other materials used in the manufacture of condoms, such as casein, a protein powder extracted from cow's milk that makes them less sticky, as well as parabens. Reactions are not always immediate. In addition to using contraceptives without latex, you can also use vegan condoms, produced with natural thistle extract.

2. Lubricants

Like condoms, many lubricants contain ingredients that cause allergic reactions. The symptoms are very similar to those caused by latex. "Those who advertise flavors and feelings of freshness or warmth or even numbness may have many additives to which the body will react," says Lindsey Doe. "Glycerin is another culprit," the American sexologist accuses.

"It can cause allergic reactions and it still has the power to convert to sugar and instigate [o aparecimento] of fungal infections, with symptoms very similar to those of an allergy. "The list of potentially irritating substances also includes benzocaine, a local fast-acting anesthetic used as a pain reliever that can be applied to the skin or mucous membranes, as well as lidocaine and l-arginine.

3. Previous trauma

Relationships that ended badly can later affect a woman's sex life. "It's not really an allergy, but it's very close to something called dyspareunia [dor durante o ato sexual]"It is basically something psychological that ends up generating a physiological response," adds the specialist, who has attended to women victims of this problem.

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