6th Loulé Chronicle and Scattered Literature Grand Prix is ​​underway

6th Loulé Chronicle and Scattered Literature Grand Prix is ​​underway

The 6th edition of the APE / CM Loulé Chronicle and Dispersed Literary Grand Prize has already been launched, an award that will distinguish a work published in the year 2020, and whose entries will take place during the next month of March.

This is an initiative that arises from a partnership between the Portuguese Writers Association and the Municipality of Loulé which aims to award annually a work in Portuguese, by a Portuguese author, published in a book and in the first edition, in the year prior to its publication. delivery, in the fields of chronicle and literary dispersed gathered in volume.

Candidates must send five copies of the published book to the APE headquarters (R. de S. Domingos à Lapa, Nº 17 – 1200-832 Lisboa), for members of the jury and the Municipal Library of Loulé.

The jury will have thirty days to announce the name of the winner of this edition.

As is already a tradition, the award will take place on the Day of the Municipality of Loulé, which this year marks the 13th of May. However, city officials emphasize that the realization of the face-to-face session will be dependent on the evolution of the pandemic situation.

The prize to be awarded to the winner is 12 thousand euros.

José Tolentino Mendonça, with “What a thing are the clouds”, in 2016, Rui Cardoso Martins, with “Levante-o Réu”, in 2017, Mário Cláudio, with “A Alma Vagueante”, in 2018, Pedro Mexia, with “ Lá Fora ”, in 2019, and Mário de Carvalho, with“ What I heard in the barrel of apples ”, in 2020, were the winners of this award. Authors who have contributed to the prestige of this award and its affirmation in the national context, of great relevance, because it respects a genre with a long tradition in our country, and constitutes an incentive for the chronicles that are dispersed by newspapers and magazines to be collected in volume.


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