7 more names announced on Capitólio – Diario diariOnline Região Sul

7 more names announced on Capitólio - Diario diariOnline Região Sul

Dhafer Youssef (Tunisia), Tubas (Cape Verde), Eneida Marta (Guiné-Bissau), Francisco el Hombre (Brazil), BaBa ZuLa (Turkey), Los de Abajo (Mexico) and DJ Riot (Portugal) by the organization of the Festival MED, this Wednesday, during another session of presentation of the 16th edition, which took place in the renovated Capitol in Lisbon. At a time when almost all the artists who will be part of the poster for this year are already known, this presence in the capital was another of the moments of communication of the event, which, moreover, is one of the bets in 2019.

Without forgetting the artistic identity that he built with his experience and the constant pursuit of sonorities, the multi-prized Tunisian alaudist Dhafer Youssef continues to transcend genres. Its fusion of jazz and Arabic music promises a memorable concert in Loulé.

At a time when Africa's musical memory is being rediscovered, in which international publishers investigate the enormous legacy of Cape Verdean music that inspires more and more musicians of the new generations, the Sharks could not fail to meet the present. Also because they are one of the biggest musical emblems of Cape Verde, authentic legends that have spread through a discography some of the most important pieces of the songbook of a country that continues to inspire the world.

Returning to the MED Festival ten years later, Guinean singer Eneida Marta brings the melodies from her native land, mixing the local genre with gumbé jazz. He built a sound of his own that has as reference classic names of Guinean music, especially the male singers who were his inspiration. Perhaps that explains why the voice that really marks Aeneida Marta is her inner voice, that makes her sing life, love, in lyrics of poets who, as she explains, "always leave something to decipher."

Francisco el Hombre is one of the Brazilian names confirmed in this edition of the MED Festival. It is a visceral project that purges experiences, urgencies and what else is stuck in the throat by means of songs, that brings together in its sonority rock, Brazilian music, Mexican music. Through the lyrics of their songs, they are an active voice in issues like domestic violence, gender equality, among others. In 2017, they were nominated for the Latin Grammy for Best Portuguese Language Song.

BaBa ZuLa is one of the bands that best continues the tradition of Istanbul's psychedelic rock, which had its golden years in the 60s. Since 1996, they have performed performances that are like rituals, mixing dance, elaborate costumes, poetry , theater and fine arts. The formation puts side by side, traditional root instruments, such as darbuka and electric saz, with wooden spoons, toys and electronics. In addition to psychedelic rock, dub, in an Eastern reinterpretation, is another component of its sound. They promise to hypnotize the public in Loulé.

Los de Abajo, whose name is inspired by the homonymous novel by the Mexican writer Mariano Azuela, forged his identity in a revolutionary spirit, playing at student and worker rallies, with artists, Zapatista soldiers, gay and women's rights movements, and many others groups of free thinkers outside the mainstream. Over the years, Los de Abajo have brought their danceable sound to the four corners of the world, marking their presence at some of the most prestigious festivals such as the Glastonbury Festival, the Paleo Festival, the Gurten Festival and the WOMAD.

After the international success with the Buraka Som Sistema, a pioneer in the zouk bass scene, Rui Pité – DJ Riot – plunged into a project in his own name. His work is an exploratory journey through the latest urban sounds, but always with a very strong foundation based on what together with Branko, Kalaf, Conductor and Blaya, created the Sound of Lisbon with clear influences in the diaspora. From afro-house to hip-hop, from kuduro to drum'n'bass, as long as it makes sense, it's sure to be present in a Riot show.

These artists will join the already announced Marcelo D2, Mellow Mood (Italy), Marinah (Spain), the multicultural and transnational project The Turbans (Bulgaria / Israel / Iran / Greece / Turkey / UK), Kel Assouf Belgium), Selma Uamusse (Mozambique / Portugal), Orkesta Mendoza (United States / Mexico), Anthony Joseph (Trinidad and Tobago), Moonlight Benjamin (Haiti / France), Dino D'Santiago France), Gato Preto (Ghana / Mozambique / Portugal) or the Portuguese Gisela João, Dead Combo, Devil in the Cross, Cais do Sodré Funk Connection, Omiri, Camané and Mário Laginha, Márcia, Ricardo Ribeiro, Júlio Pereira, Ruben Monteiro and Luís Galrito ​​with João Afonso.

From the organization, Carlos Carmo, director of the Festival MED and councilman of the Municipality of Loulé, underlined the "quality and diversity of the musical poster created for this year". This responsible reinforced the importance of environmental measures implemented in the venue that have already been awarded on several occasions, as well as the multidisciplinarity of the event, with the emphasis on other cultural aspects beyond music, ranging from the plastic arts to poetry, passing this year by the reinforcement of cinema and the introduction of theater into the program.

It is precisely through the "almost perfect symbiosis" between the seventh art and music that spectators are predicted to be astonished as well. As explained by Rui Tendinha, curator of Cinema Med, the aim is to create continuous sessions of short films between concerts, in which the idea is that cinema is "something organic". Some of the directors will be in Loulé to present their work and there will also be a Talk MED conference dedicated to the connection between these two artistic expressions, music and cinema.

But one of the highlights of this Cinema Med will be the national debut of the movie "Gabriel and the Mountain", a Brazilian film that was at the Cannes Film Festival and "has a traveling spirit that perfectly combines with what is the MED" . There will also be cinema made by musicians, with special emphasis on the "short" of Marcelo D2, foreseeing the participation of the musician in this presentation.

"Music festivals are going to have more and more cinema. This is a trend that will be felt every time, also in Portugal ", stressed this critic of the seventh art.

This session where more names were announced from the MED Festival poster featured a showcase by Remna Schwarz, artist whose work constitutes "the pulsar of the new song of Guinea-Bissau". Winner of the Printemps revelation prize in Bourges in 2005, Remna is the first name confirmed for the 2020 edition of the MED Festival.

Also, DJ Riot took the stage to the Capitol to liven up this session, raising a little the veil of what will be the end of party of the 16th edition of the MED Festival. Even because it is with your DJ Set that will end the event.

Tickets are already in pre-order at BOL, partner of the MED Festival.

All information about Festival MED available HERE.



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