7 rules you need (even) to know if you like casual sex – Relationships

7 rules you need (even) to know if you like casual sex - Relationships

Casual sex, which increases considerably in the summer months and on vacation, can be fantastic. Many people like it because it does not imply commitment, does not oblige organizers of agenda and implies (almost) always a mix of novelty, excitement and adrenaline. But if you break a set of rules, you will have to suffer the consequences. These are what many behavioral experts point out.

Rule 1: Emotions are forbidden

The first rule of casual sex stipulates that this is nothing more than pure sex. Therefore, you should consider it as such. When emotions are involved, erotic pleasure can turn into atrocious suffering for at least one lover, psychologists and sex therapists warn.

People often feel love and jealousy and we all know that this combination can be extremely dangerous. When casual sex turns into unrequited love, the relationship ends sooner or later because there is no interest in prolonging suffering. In addition, the adrenaline of the forbidden also fades.

Rule 2: There can be no commitments

The second rule of casual sex implies that there are no commitments, which makes it distinct from the sex practiced within a relationship. The no-commitment rule allows those involved to decide to have a sexual encounter when it suits them and is not limited to one person.

Unfortunately, if you see your lover with someone else, you have no right to be angry or jealous. Your relationship with this person is open and without any commitment. Therefore, angry and jealous lovers are not welcome to play this game of hitching and seduction. Do not expect constant phone calls, do not count on loving messages. Do not expect fidelity. Do not expect to receive small gifts or declarations of love.

Rule 3: The superficial is sometimes good

The third rule of casual sex says that if your relationship is based solely on sex, there is obviously a reason, good or bad, for that. There can be many reasons. The most obvious reason for your relationship to be based solely on sex is, of course, your potential partner or your partner. It is therefore highly inadvisable to have casual sexual encounters because love affairs can put you in extremely unpleasant situations.

In addition, you should not go beyond the limits and ask your lover to do something that will affect your family. Ideally, if you know each other, you will maintain some discretion. Now you should probably think of the reasons for not going over these boundaries if you are both single or have no stable relationship.

The situation is simple. If sex is fantastic, why ruin a relationship by trying to turn it into a friendship or a serious relationship? This is the question that often arises. People are, many times, fascinated in times of solitude for the idea of ​​turning sex friends into stable partners. If this turns out to be a bad idea, you could lose both.

Rule 4: The rules of good sense must have

The fourth rule of casual sex indicates that rules of good sense must have primacy over all others. If you notice that your life consists of a series of relationships that come and go, that begin and end, and therefore are not serious relationships, you may consider your lover as an alternate player.

But remember another essential and fundamental rule. An alternate player comes into play only when the main player leaves. Be sensible and never mix your roles because if the game has too many people, it can become unpleasant for everyone. And, thus, will prove that he is a bad trainer.

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