7 tips for studying online

7 tips for studying online

With the internet and new technologies, we have changed many of our daily habits, including the way we study. Digital tools and world wide web opened up new possibilities, allowing for distance training or courses, without leaving home. Recently, with the pandemic of the new coronavirus, this trend has been established in the daily lives of many young people, with the growth of tools such as Zoom.

However, despite all its potential, online study requires rigor and discipline. It is very easy to fall into a doldrums, not least because our house is full of distractions that can easily push us towards an unproductive or ineffective study. So we've compiled 7 tips for studying online.


It is true that one of the advantages of studying remotely is that you can do it anywhere. It doesn’t mean I don’t do it sporadically, but it’s important reserve a space in the house for study only. This is a space that can be prepared in the best way, with all the comfort and tranquility necessary to be able to dedicate 100% to the material to be studied.


There are courses and online courses that have a set schedule, but when that doesn't happen it is important to establish a routine. Choose a specific period of your day for the study and reserve it just for that. It is essential to follow these rules, or discipline, to ensure high levels of profitability. It is also important to set the time for the end of the study period per day.


As you know, the internet is currently full of incredible digital tools that allow you to do almost anything: manage teams, hold meetings with several people simultaneously or scan and send documents instantly. However, care must be taken not to share sensitive information on unsafe communication channels, which may end up in the hands of others.

For this, it is essential to use a Virtual Private Network, simply called VPN. This is a digital tool that allows you to establish a secure connection, ensuring your privacy and protection, as it creates a kind of tunnel for your online activity to take place without third parties being able to see or access it. Thus, you can exchange messages or documents with your friends and colleagues without fear of who may access or even download information from the network without compromising your privacy or data. There are also a number of VPN add-on that can complement this study aid.


We have already mentioned the importance of ensuring a home study place, a timetable and its online protection. Now is the time to set goals. These must be clear and realistic. Plan a strategy that will give you more study discipline, but also give you motivation and, consequently, dedication to study. When fulfilling each of the goals, reward yourself with a break or even a snack.


When studying at home it is very easy to fall into a dangerous routine in which rest is forgotten. It certainly has the advantage of drawing up your own schedule, but it is essential to save time to rest. Dedicate these periods to relax and do something you like, in order to recover your body and mind, because only with healthy psychological well-being will you be able to achieve the goals you set out to achieve.


If your object of study is very large and complicated, in addition to planning a strategy and goals to accomplish, it is also very important set priorities. Do not forget that your personal life also takes place on a daily basis and can sometimes be more important than study. A friend's birthday, a meal at a family member's home, or even a break for a movie on Netflix can all be important for regaining mental health. Therefore, prioritize your life according to your physical and psychological well-being.

7 – RELAX, Breathe deeply and calm down

It seems like common sense, but this is not always as common as the name implies. It is often important to stop and remember that peace is needed. Anxiety and stress can escalate to very complicated levels in a short time, affecting study, profitability and productivity. So it is important to stop, step back and relax. This deep breath helps to put things in perspective and refocus, in order to achieve the proposed objectives.


Studying online thus has several advantages and can be extremely beneficial, but it is necessary to be careful and attentive to a series of trap doors that can arise without realizing it. The most important thing is to adopt a strategy that really works and that is only possible with rigor, discipline and concentration. And for that, just follow a responsible, sensible and intelligent posture, that everything will go well.


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