"7 Wonders – Sweets of Portugal" announces the 140 candidates for the podium – News

"7 Wonders - Sweets of Portugal" announces the 140 candidates for the podium - News

For now, there are 140 Portuguese sweets that are included in the list of candidates for victory in this year's edition of the "7 Wonders", this time dedicated to the sins of national gluttony. A list of nominees that leaves the verdict of the expert panel that integrates 140 personalities from different regions of the country.

Among the songs that are now known and going to public voting on television programs broadcast by RTP1, we find the "Torresmo", "Cakes", "Vinagre", "Esperãs", "Malcamhado" (Azores), Mugasa vermilion, Bairradinos, Bellies of the Nun, the Soft Eggs (Aveiro), the Puff Pastry, the Bread of the Grape, the Crayons of grain (Beja), the Beneditinos of São Bento, the Isabelinhas (Braga), the Cenelões of Peredo dos Castelhanos, (Bragança), the Honey Broa, the Cernache Bonjardim Almond Cartridges, the Tigeladas (Castelo Branco), the Sweet Rice of Baixo Mondego, the Broa of Pumpkin, the White Manjar (Coimbra).

A cast that continues with the Sweet of Stoner, the Scarab, the Squirrel (Évora), the Sweet Potato Cider from Aljezur, Branquinho, Sweet Sweet, Morgado (Faro), Sweet Almonds, Cavacas de Pinhel Guarda), the Cornucopias of Alcobala, the Estes of Peniche, the Sweet Lace (Leiria), the Sands of Cascais, the White Marmalade of Odivelas, the Pastel de nata (Lisbon), the Alfarol, the Black Cake (Madeira), the Barquinhos, the Sousel (Portalegre) crackling cake, the Santa Scholastic Cookies, the Cavacas de Margaride (Porto), the Celestes de Santa Clara, the Bow Cake, the Abrantes Straw (Santarém), the Moscatel Candy, the Pinhão Cakes, Quebradas do Torrão (Setúbal), the Cupcakes of Trás-da-Matriz, Honey Cake from the lands of Nóberga (Viana do Castelo), the Gallic Crests (Vila Real), Alforges de S. Frei Gil, the Folar de Vouzela (Viseu).

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