“A Brexit without agreement could mean losses of € 2.3 billion for Portugal” – Jornal Económico

Social Democratic political commentator Marques Mendes stated, in his usual space of opinion at SIC, that Boris Johnson was the author of "a set of shuffles" this week that could result in serious damage including to Portugal.

Citing a study by the University of Leuven in Belgium, Marques Mendes said tonight that Portugal is in the sights of the countries that will be affected by the UK's exit from the European bloc without agreement and says “a Brexit without agreement could mean for the trade balance. loss of EUR 2.3 billion. Especially in the textile sector ”.

The list of least affected countries includes Greece, Croatia and Spain. In the least affected, the study points to Ireland, Malta and Belgium. Portugal appears on average.

The commentator on SIC reflected on the disastrous week of the British Prime Minister and called the various defeats "messed up".

“The elections before October 31 were rejected by the opposition,” he recalls. “The opposition has asked for help from the court to comply with Brexit's order to postpone it. Parliament has decided to postpone, but to postpone is not to resolve, ”vinca.

“Messed up third,” he continues. “The inauguration of the new European Commission (EC). The EC takes office on 1 November, but can only take office if it has all the Commissioners together. What is the problem? If the United Kingdom continues until January in the European Union, it must have a Commissioner, but will not appoint Commissioner. If not, there is no Commission. Soon the Commission cannot take office ”, explains Marques Mendes.

The possible emancipation of Scotland is for Marques Mendes another “muddle” since it can “open a terrible pandora's box” for other countries that have the same desire to achieve independence, such as Catalonia, the Basque Country and Flanders.

The commentator makes clear that there is an urgency to reach an agreement and quotes, again the study: "If the UK leaves without agreement will be 13 billion euros of damage and for the European Union 200 billion euros", warns. "Boris Johnson has to come to an agreement," he adds.

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