"A demand, a proposal, if it is transmitted by the 16 has another strength …" – António Miguel Pina / AMAL

"A demand, a proposal, if it is transmitted by the 16 has another strength ..." - António Miguel Pina / AMAL

As president of AMAL – Comunidade Intermunicipal do Algarve, a legal person of public law and associative nature, formed by the 16 Municipalities of the Algarve, questioned by diariOnline South Region newspaper if AMAL has done everything to make the Algarve assert itself with central power, António Miguel Pina responded by arguing that “AMAL has managed, in the first place, to bring together the 16 presidents and the way we all responded to this challenge, each with their own particularities, looking for their solutions for each territory, but we were always concerned with talking, until because these new technologies allow these conversations in an easier way, without having to come all the way from the various parts of the Algarve to Faro to meet… ”

Inherent in the use of beaches in this time of pandemic, the president of AMAL revealed that “I think we were able to convince the central administration of what was our vision of the rules to be applied on the beaches and the necessary common sense, which are measures, as far as I know and have come to tell me now, they are innovative in the national context, as is the figure of 'Beach Assistants'… ”

António Miguel Pina also revealed that although no public grade was given, “The water issue, continues to concern us all, last week the first report that APA – Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente, together with other entities, presented with short-term responses to mitigate the problem was presented…”

On the behavior of people on the beaches, António Miguel Pina believes that everything will go well, taking into account the behavior of the Portuguese in times of confinement.

Asked about public transport in the Algarve, the President of AMAL admitted “We actually have this problem, but what is at the base of this problem is not exactly the public transport network, it is the way we are distributed in the territory, it is almost impossible to have a public transport network that goes to the door of each um… ”and revealed that“ by reducing this crisis phase, we have passed this concession to minimum services, at around 30% the service, and the concessionaire came to ask for financial compensation that is more than 100 thousand euros a month… ”

In the end the diariOnline South Region invited the President of AMAL to leave a message, not only to the Algarve but also to anyone visiting the Algarve, who at a certain moment recommends that “If you come to the Algarve, behave like Algarvians…” taking confinement time as an example.


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