"A faucet on the forehead" in Portimão – water can run out! – Daily Newspaper

"A faucet on the forehead" in Portimão - water can run out! - Daily Newspaper

The VATe bus – Vamos Catch the Theater will park in the Republic Square, in Portimão, these days 20 and 21 May. Today and tomorrow at the venue there is the presentation of the show "A Faucet in the Forehead", directed to children of the 1st Cycle, with the support of the Town Hall and Parish Council of Portimão.

Between shows and workshops, six activities are planned for the 3rd and 4th year classes of the Basic Education of the Major David Neto School and the Pontal School Center, in the morning, from 10:00 p.m. and in the afternoon at 2:00 p.m. "A Faucet in the Forehead" is an entertaining dialogue between two characters, appealing to the importance of environmental education and the conscious use of water. According to the synopsis, "imagine a world without water, without the sound of animals, without the sound of rivers, without the smell of flowers … a dry, completely dry world."

"This is the dream of Mr. Waste who, through a Machiavellian plan, intends to end all the water on the planet. The spell turns against the sorcerer and he eventually realizes that water is to save and without it can not live. "

As for the studio, which takes place in the training room of the Parish Council of Portimão, it aims at dramatic and theatrical exploration, through games and exercises, in which the theme of water and its importance in the planet, its preservation and environmental impact that occurs today, working with children to raise awareness and value. ACTA Project – The Theater Company of the Algarve, VATe is unique in the country and is based on the transformation of a double-decker bus into a showroom, with stage, audience, backstage and dressing rooms, exemplifying how dramatic art can be an important tool in terms of social pedagogy.

The car is 12 meters long and weighs 20 tons, Portimão being a mandatory stop for VATe since the project went to the road in 2006, within the ambit of the municipal bet in terms of promoting the stage arts among the youngest.



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