A good mattress can reduce insomnia in childhood. Know the tips of a specialist – Child

A good mattress can reduce insomnia in childhood. Know the tips of a specialist - Child

Verena Senn, Neuroscientist and rest specialist, is part of the team of experts of the brand Emma, and considers that "one of the keys to helping sleep and improving the rest of the little ones is knowing how to choose a good mattress that is resistant, washable and, preferably, without toxic components."

Among all the benefits that mattresses offer us today, Verena Senn highlights the three main advantages that should be taken into account when choosing the mattress for your child:

1. Airgocell Technology: this latest viscoelastic technology provides a comfort advantage thanks to its localized elasticity that allows a zone to be compressed without affecting the rest of the mattress. But this is not the only advantage. Did you know that the body can eliminate through the pores in the form of perspiration up to 100 liters of water per year? Airgocell technology provides the correct ventilation of the mattress between the foam thanks to its pores. A thermoregulatory foam that promotes long lasting sleep, avoiding nocturnal sweating.

2. Toxin-free materials: foams free from harmful products help prevent allergies and favor the rest of any child. In addition, thanks to their elasticity, they help children turn around during sleep and prevent them from waking up.

3. Mattress 100% adaptable: state-of-the-art materials incorporate an ideal support that ensures alignment of the spine in any position, allowing the child's spine to develop properly.

In addition to choosing a good mattress, the Neuroscientist recommends a number of helpful tips that favor a quality rest for the child:

1. Children love routines, so it is important to try to follow a more or less fixed schedule and do the same things and in the same order before going to sleep. Setting a time to go to bed may be the key to a good night's sleep.

2. Did you know that the light of day awakens us and the dark soothes us? For this reason, another factor that can reduce lack of sleep in children is to keep the dim light at home when it is time to go to sleep.

3. Music also helps you sleep well. It is advisable to put soft and slow music or sing songs that help the mind to relax and to accompany your dream. In this way, listening to this type of music allows a disconnection, creating a sense of calmness, concentration and reduction of anxiety levels.

4. Physical contact can also help you fall asleep. There is nothing like the warmth of the mother or father to relax and accompany them until they fall asleep. Sleep, like many other things, is a maturing process and children will be better equipped to sleep alone as they grow and consolidate their autonomy. It is necessary to respect the rhythm of each child and not to rush.

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