A it bag of each sign: find out now which one is yours – Signs

A it bag of each sign: find out now which one is yours - Signs

From extravagance to simplicity, discover the bags that fit each sign and be amazed at the particularity of each.


The Sheep native always looks for something special, practical and at the same time out of the ordinary, for being an extremely creative and independent person.

Model: Fanu pack of Miu Miu


Elegance and refinement are the keywords of this sign and therefore, the classic model of Chanel is the ideal suitcase.

Model: 2.55 by Chanel


For this sign the perfect suitcase would have to be versatile and easy to match with different looks. Color, color and more color, can not miss, of course!

Model: Beaded by Susan Alexandra


For crab natives, romantic style and comfort reign supreme in the world of accessories.

Model: Cindy from The Volon


Strong and determined, look for a special suitcase, which is the center of attention.

Model: Candy Stud by Valentino


Perpetual and methodical, they excel in quality and comfort and therefore, a suitcase structured in a neutral tone is ideal.

Model: Nina by Gabriela Hearst


For this sign, irreverence and style are essential when it comes to the fashion world.

Model: GG Marmont from Gucci


Determined and daring, they prefer pieces that convey sensuality and power.

Model: Cassandra from Yves Saint Laurent


For an adventurous spirit, nothing better than a trendy and comfortable backpack.

Model: Olga da See by Chloé


Capricorn is a determined and ambitious woman and so she needs a bag to match her height.

Model: Tess da Chloé


Rebel and creative, look for a suitcase that will accompany you in your day-to-day challenges.

Model: Nasco by Isabel Marant


For a delicate, sensitive and dreamy woman like the Piscean, the appropriate suitcase will have to be very feminine.

Model: Jesmyn from Loeffler Randall

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