"A journey through life", intensely lived, by André Jordan

"A journey through life", intensely lived, by André Jordan

At a time when the world is struggling with one of the greatest crises in modern history, André Jordan publishes a second edition of his revised and enlarged memoir, which will arrive at bookstores on the 26th of November.

It is a widely illustrated book, the latest release by Almedina, by André Jordan, which reads like a real life novel.

André Jordan this book offers us the unknown and fascinating side of eight decades of an intensely lived life, which goes through some of the most relevant episodes of our contemporaneity. A story, in the first person, that describes through intimate portraits the characters with whom he met throughout his life: aristocrats, politicians, statesmen, movie stars, great artists.

In a year that will be forever marked by the impact and challenges of the pandemic, André Jordan it reminds us of times marked by other dramas, such as the escape from Nazism with the family and the subsequent reconstruction of his identity, but also the magic of the golden moments he lived in New York, Buenos Aires and Paris. His arrival in an old Portugal, but full of promises, where he later witnessed the April revolution, dreams, successes, failures, passions and disappointments, which also passed through Quinta do Lago, Almancil.

Second André Jordan,

«When I set out to write a book about my journey through life, the objective was to record the testimony of almost a century, in which the world has shrunk and we all live with everyone. I got here crossing interesting situations and challenges, in an intense relationship with beings with whom I share the spaces where life takes me, facing the missions that arise and the obstacles that appear. It is a true account, however, incomplete. Hope you like it. And if you don't like it, don't say … »- concludes the author.


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