“A Spanish scenario, with a weak PS and our strong 'We can', would make stability impossible” – O Jornal Económico

The prime minister takes a positive view of the "contraption", but less than a month before the start of the October 6 election campaign, calls for a stronger PS. In an interview with the newspaper Expresso, published this Saturday, Antonio Costa does not yet rule out a scenario of governance without agreements.

“A Spanish scenario with a weak PS and our strong We can [em alusão ao Bloco de Esquerda] would certainly make political stability unfeasible, ”he says, underlining that the PCP and the Left Bloc are parties of“ very different nature ”and that“ the PCP has a very large institutional maturity ”.

However, the prime minister acknowledges that "without the support" of the two partners on the left "we would not have had this government".

“If we had not had this government, we would not have had an economic policy that prioritized the return of income; without the return of income, we had not restored confidence in Portuguese society, which was the basis for the increase in investment, ”he added.

Asked if he admits to governing without agreements in the next legislature, the PS secretary general did not admit or dismiss the scenario, preferring "not to speculate", but said that "who has better tools works better, who has worse tools works worse".

Regarding the opposition, questioned about the PSD's electoral program, while acknowledging that he has not yet read it “end to end”, António Costa classified it as a “bad example of what should be a program of a party that wants to be a government. "

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