a stage, several dance floors, over the sea of ​​Lagos

a stage, several dance floors, over the sea of ​​Lagos

It is already August 29, in Lagos that the Algarve Boat Festival will take place. THE SeaBookings, the Portuguese startup dedicated to boosting maritime tourism, with the support of the municipality of Lagos, promotes several separate but united parties «around a single show! Over the sea, of course! », Ensures the dynamism of the event. This innovative concept of a stage with several dance floors, allows the participant to enjoy a unique and safe event, according to the guidelines of the DGS.

In the Barlavento Algarvio, more specifically, in Lagos, the tradition of "Bath 29" or "Bath Party" has long been rooted in Lacobrigense culture, being one of the main events in the municipality of Lagos. Every year, on the 29th of August, there are several sports and cultural activities, the main event being a bath at midnight and a firework show. In the sensitive context of the pandemic that we are experiencing, SeaBookings, with the support of the municipality of Lagos, presents a new concept to celebrate this day; «The first edition of the Algarve Boat Festival. One stage, several dance floors. About the sea. Physical distance and guaranteed open air '.

In this first edition of the Algarve Boat Festival, the headliner is Pete Tha Zouk and Lacobrigense Carlos Glória Sax, get together to put the boats dancing to the rhythm of summer. The artists will play on the stage boat. This boat will not have customers on board, only organization. Festival-goers can join in their own boat, either rented or rented, be it a motor boat or a sailing boat. Limited seats will also be made available on their own boats, for those interested who want to participate in the event, but do not have their own boat or are unable to rent it.

Marina de Lagos offers the night after the festival for boats from other marinas. And the Port of Lagos Captaincy, as well as the maritime police, will be present to enforce the Contingency Plan and ensure the safety of the event.

The show will start at 3:30 pm in front of Praia Dona Ana, and will last for 3 hours. Tickets can be purchased online, through the festival website.

The festival boats will anchor around the stage boat, allowing several private parties together, for a single show. For those who are unable to be physically present, the festival will be open to everyone, through live streaming, on the municipality's facebook page.


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