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"When the world becomes superhumanized, there will be the Portuguese to find what happens naturally, and therefore in need of reform, and therefore dialogue. The last man on earth must be a Portuguese who doubts what is natural and who is indiscipline before the consummation of the centuries "(Agustina Bessa-Luís).

In the week of the Day of Portugal, Camões and the Lusas Communities throughout the world, all the Portuguese – individuals and groups, whether in the national territory or in the Diaspora – must echo the Hymn and flag the Quinas higher and beyond. And that not only the most emblematic and media figures on a planetary level. So many cases of honor and glory in the local forum, outside the capital, without (great) global projection! And there are not only those usurpers of impunity, but there are also – with their own aptitude and for the common good – the sublime conquerors of opportunities: there are many and more than the first, although they go unnoticed.

And today I focus and concentrate on one of these meritorious cases, of institutional / business scope in the country, for countless and great reasons for environmental sustainability, biodiversity and urban mobility; showing and demonstrating that the Algarve is not just seasonal, it is not just "sun and beach" tourism. It is INFRAMOURA, founded in 2007 and located in Vilamoura – which André Jordan (one of the most influential businessmen in the world) defines as "the most successful tourist city in Europe", since "it has no negative aspects". This is a question of informational justice, not just solidarity with the region that faces serious threats until the end of the century, with real climate change.

Here are some of the reasons for Inframoura, which belongs to the municipality of Loule:

– implemented an ambitious decarbonization plan aimed at reducing the company's CO2 emissions by 30% by 2028, after having installed a photovoltaic plant in 2018 and culminating this year by extending the introduction of renewable energies to water storage and distribution systems, the creation of two more photovoltaic plants: one in the shipyards, allowing the energy transition with the production of hot water using solar energy, and another in its headquarters, in a system complemented with a storage component of surplus batteries recovered from electric vehicles, ensuring the total energy independence of the building. This is one of the first examples at the national level, if not the first!

– has participated, however, in two fora. One on water loss and another on measurement technology to support sustainability and water efficiency, in which he shared his experience in the strategy to reduce apparent losses in Vilamoura;

– The Congress Center of the Algarve is precisely in Vilamoura;

– already at the beginning of May, during four days, carried out a cleaning to the pine trees in the road of Quarteira;

– Currently, the National Gallery is taking place at the Vilamoura Marina (the most awarded Portuguese and nationally recognized Portuguese marina). Joel Sartore (until 30/09) in an area with 400 m2 and after having passed through Porto and Lisbon, as well as the International Boat Show (until 16/06);

– the Vilamoura Public Bikes System, installed in Feb. 2012, records impressive numbers of success. It operates in 43 local stations and 362 parking poles, with 260 bicycles and 5,000 user cards (465,000 trips have been made since its implementation, corresponding to 825,000 km). It uses the WHO HEAT tool, saving around EUR 450,000 in health;

– Vilamoura emerges as the new "Mecca" of Vela, not only for its famous international tournament, but also for regularly attracting hundreds of athletes in training for the Olympic Games;

– the holding of the World Ski Congress in 2022.

And there is no great work that does not have a great worker behind. Here, the beginning and the end, the soul of Inframoura, is its director Paulo Patrocínio Reis with remarkable entrepreneurship. He is a native of Portimão and holds a degree in Civil Engineering and Public Contracting (U. Coimbra), as well as in Sustainable Urban Planning (U. Nova de Lisboa). He worked at Mota-Engil and was head of the surveillance team at the Estádio do Algarve. He also manages the 'hurban': "hurbantouch.wordpress.com" – a site about culture and society. Paulo is one of those genuine people who join the dream with eloquence, "assertiveness and work", getting the magic to happen: this is what happened with Photo Ark. A year ago, without his telling me, he accompanied me on this visit to the exhibition in Porto, and at that moment, with a firm will, he said that he wanted to take her to Vilamoura. No sooner said than done! I appreciate it, even more, for its fiber and character, as well as everything else that is and has been doing for years and daily through Vilamoura and Loulé. Inframoura is a splendid reflection of Paul – and his helpful gadget – and in him I see in the solid present and in the long future the clear intuition of Jose de Alencar: "Success arises from want, determination and persistence in reaching a goal. Even if you do not reach the target, those who seek and overcome obstacles, at least will do wonderful things. " True, they are in sight, durable and enduring.

In this ingenuity, reinforced the formidable urban mobility plan, pioneer in the country (even by the molds that characterize it). Just to see the dimension: this excellent Shared Bicycle System is echoed abroad and Inframoura will represent Portugal at the 'Velo-city Conference' 2019 at the end of the month in Dublin (25-28 / 06). This is the world's largest annual policy and planning summit for cycling, calling for its innovations, good practices and social and cultural changes leveraged by the use of cycling in the global arena.

And in Portugal: what public-state recognition has Inframoura already deserved for all its extended and advanced work (looking at other regions), based on sustainable urban development and environmental prioritization?! … And when we talk or hear about urban mobility, in a debate or in a television program, we are aware of this reality and not for other smaller ones or with some shortcomings in its operation, as the new systems of electric scooters in the last quarter (Coimbra, Faro – which will also have shared bicycles – , Gondomar, Lisbon, Matosinhos, etc.).

We share and value success stories like those of Inframoura, in Portugal and the Portuguese – they exist: they have to be found, disseminated and stimulated – in order to multiply and not to end.

We engage and develop, therefore, an inclusive Portugal in mobility and sustainability, a whole for all and with all in all, so that from memory – without any scum – we continue to make History and "a Portugal that is not just this sheet of earth finished in the foam of the sea "(Agustina Bessa-Luís).

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