A whole country at home pulling by Oliveira in Portimão

A whole country at home pulling by Oliveira in Portimão

As an official KTM rider, Miguel Oliveira, did not start this Moto GP season as one would have wished, as Qatar's results were atypical and cannot be taken literally to assess the shape of a rider, or of a machine, in this case the KTM RC-16.

At the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve (AIA), it will be this Friday that the Almada driver will make the first laps with the official machine on the track where, remember, at the controls of a similar machine, he savored the champagne for the second time victory at the same time.

In Qatar, the Portuguese driver went through the leadership of training, however, in the race, if in the first he did not go beyond the 13th final place, winning 3 points, in the second he could not get better than the 15th place and won only 1 point, performances that they do not reflect in any way the professionalism, effort, dedication and dedication that Miguel Oliveira puts in each race.

Now at home, on the 'Russian Mountain', along its chain of mysterious curves and loins, where Miguel Oliveira recently made nails, beards and hair, unfortunately, again, without the human heat on the benches, certainly the result can only be one is desirable for ten, or eleven, or twelve, millions of Portuguese, existing on Globo Terrestre.

It remains to wait for the first results of the stopwatch in Portimão, to see if your campaign in Europe marks the difference in the face of competition that sets the bar very high.


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