A year after the announcement, Samsung Galaxy Home continues in workshop – Equipment

A year after the announcement, Samsung Galaxy Home continues in workshop - Equipment

It was about a year ago that Samsung unveiled a smart speaker called Galaxy Home. The device was billed as Bixby's home hub, but since then nothing has been said about it. Prior to the event on August 7, in which South Korean technology showed its new Note 10, it was discussed whether the column would be brought on stage, perhaps, for the brand to reveal a release date. However, this did not happen. The issues were not delayed and Samsung dispelled the doubts: Galaxy Home did not go to waste. The column is still in the workshop but still needs some adjustments.

"We are refining Galaxy Home and hope to have news to share very soon," he said in exchange for emails with The Verge, a spokesman for the brand.

Initially, the technology hoped to be able to launch Home in April this year. This did not happen and the company readjusted the objective, indicating that it was in the third quarter of 2019 that the column would reach the market. However, even without any news about the gadget, the US authority regulating the consumer electronics market has published documents that reveal a smaller option under development.

For now it is only known that the speaker will have a 360 degree audio output developed by AKG. The brand's artificial intelligence is present and will bridge Samsung's smart gadgets through the SmartThings platform. Another (almost) certainty is that the South Korean giant faced some challenges during the development process of Galaxy Home, given the year of waiting since the announcement of the device.

Another thing to know is the price of this column. Let's wait for news.

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