“A year of business volume in the Algarve is…” – José Vitorino / ALGFUTURO

“A year of business volume in the Algarve is…” - José Vitorino / ALGFUTURO

In a time of pandemic, José Vitorino, president of ALGFUTURO – União Empresarial do Algarve, portrays the economic situation in the Algarve and at a certain step says that “… we started doing accounts and came to the conclusion that the first semester of this year wasn’t going to happen, the first semester is something to forget, it was always the accounts that we did…”

Further on, José Vitorino says that “… either the second half of '2021' goes well and we start to recover, or the second half goes bad and the sum of 2020 and 2021 is less than the wealth we produced in 2019. the chance of losing a year and a year of turnover in the Algarve in three years is something like 12 to 13 billion euros… ”

As for the remedy for the disease that the region has, the president of ALGFUTURO says that "This problem can only be solved with foreign tourists, of course we can receive those who have already received the vaccines, but as far as we know, Europe is among the most delayed in vaccination …" and adds that “If I have those regions and areas that depend on 70 and 80% of tourism, as is the case in the Algarve and some areas in the rest of the country, which are not many, and with very serious economic and social problems, that with the Food Bank it is easy conclude, then let's do something that human selfishness can tend to reject… ”

José Vitorino concludes by stating that the common population of the Algarve should be vaccinated in order to guarantee confidence and security to those who come on vacation to the region.


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