About 40% of the food and beverage companies have already fired

AHRESP and MONERIS launch PRE service to try to avoid mass insolvencies

About 40% of the food and beverage companies and 25% of the tourist accommodation have already dismissed since the beginning of the pandemic crisis, according to the results of the monthly AHRESP survey released yesterday.

Of the food and beverage companies that fired, 29% reduced their staff between 25% and 50% and 14% by more than 50%, shows the survey carried out by the Portuguese Hotel, Restaurant and Similar Association (AHRESP).

As for tourist accommodation, of the 25% companies that fired, 30% reduced their staff between 25% and 50% and more than 25% reduced their jobs by more than 50%.

There are also 18% of catering companies that assume that they will not be able to maintain all jobs until the end of the year, while in tourist accommodation this percentage is 15%.

The results of the survey, which took place between September 30 and October 4 and gathered 1,173 responses, "reveal desperate companies with no solutions in sight to prevent mass dismissals and insolvencies," warns the association.

In catering and beverages, 32% of companies are considering moving to insolvency and 14% of accommodation companies have expressed the same intention.

According to AHRESP, for the surveyed companies, "the turnover in the month of September was devastating", with more than 63% of the food and beverage companies registering year-on-year losses above 40%.

In an analysis of the summer period (June to September), the data reveal that 31% of the catering companies recorded falls between 50% and 75%, and about 29% indicated reductions above 75% compared to the summer of 2019.

“As a result of the strong lack of revenue, around 9% of companies were unable to pay salaries in September and 13% only partially paid it”, the association also insists, which insists on the urgency of direct support measures for companies, such as the temporary application of the reduced VAT rate and the non-refundable financing to reinforce the companies' treasury.

According to the survey, more than 93% of companies consider that Government measures "are not suitable for business survival" and, of these, 81% consider the temporary reduction in the VAT rate on food and drink services "the most important to be implemented ”.

As for tourist accommodation companies, during the month of September, 18% did not register any occupation and more than 19% indicated a maximum occupation of 10%.

“More than 28% of the surveyed companies revealed, for the month of September, a year-on-year drop in occupancy rate,” highlights AHRESP.

For October, 29% of companies estimate a zero occupancy rate and 29% expect a maximum occupancy of 10%.

For November and December, the estimate of zero occupancy worsens, being mentioned by about 50% of the companies.

In the summer period (June to September), around 50% of the tourist accommodation companies recorded falls above 75%, compared to the summer of 2019.

More than 16% of tourist accommodation companies were unable to pay salaries in September and 7% only partially paid them, ”says the association.

The national results, both for food and beverages and for tourist accommodation, "do not show very significant differences between the various regions", says AHRESP.


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