Absence of youth competition may have public health costs

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The absence of sports competition in the training levels due to the covid-19 pandemic may have costs later, in terms of public health, warned the president of the Confederation of Sports of Portugal (CDP).

Speaking to the Lusa agency, Carlos Paula Cardoso explained that this was one of the concerns seconded by the President of the Portuguese Medical Association, Miguel Guimarães, at the meeting that the two entities held yesterday, Saturday, with the Directorate-General for Health.

"We cannot let the absence of sports competition today in relation to the younger population have a worse effect a posteriori than if there had been an opening for the practice of these age groups", said the president of the CDP.

The meeting served to “exchange views on a topic that concerns both the CDP and the Medical Association” and, in addition to drawing attention to these issues, making the two entities “available to each other to continue discussing the problems” as the situation of the covid-19 pandemic evolves.

"From a sporting point of view, we are losing a generation because, at these young ages, 14, 15 or 16 years old, there is a moment when not doing that at that time the physical development of people is lost", recalled Carlos Paula Cardoso .

Another topic addressed was the abandonment of the sports practice of “a very high percentage” of young people due to the absence of competition, which “will have repercussions later”.

"There is a hiatus, a stage of development that does not occur at that moment and that, if not verified, is not recoverable later", stressed the president of CDP.

In a statement, the CDP states that the president "expressed his concerns" and addressed the issue that he considers "pressing" of the need to "change the standard that defines the level of risk of transmissibility for each of the modalities", since he considers that it is "out of step with reality".

However, Carlos Paula Cardoso explained to Lusa that no time target has been defined with the DGS to do so and “that was not the purpose of the meeting”.

“The objective was to recognize that, together, we can collaborate on something that we are very concerned about now to prevent the harmful effects that this will have in the short and medium term”, he concluded.


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