Academic: New Ideas More Ingrained

Academic: New Ideas More Ingrained

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After the storm, the times seem to be calm and Academia Briosa XXI.

Aside from the chaos in which Leslie left the "headquarters" of the students, João Alves returned to work with the squad almost complete. Only the "central" William Soares, the midfielder Fernando Alexandre and the striker Hugo Almeida are delivered to the medical department.

After a sluggish victory, on Saturday, against the juniors (8-0), João Alves finished yesterday's training with a "peladinha" in reduced field, in which he repeated the "eleven holder". Ahead of Peçanha, a defensive quartet comprised of Joel on the left, Yuri Matias and Brendon in the center, and Mike on the right.

The midfield with Traquina and Jean Felipe, behind an offensive "trident" with Junior, Romário Baldé and Zé Paulo. Djoussé was, of course, the most advanced man. The first "eleven" of João Alves should not be too far from this, and yet there are players to "come back" gradually, as is the case of defensive midfielder Ricardo Dias.

The "Black Gloves" have insisted on offensive football and practically the first touch, with the team playing "high rotation".

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