Academy Awards: Animated feature films that have won the Academy Award – Upcoming

Academy Awards: Animated feature films that have won the Academy Award - Upcoming

Despite being considered one of the most important categories in the Oscars, the attribution of figurines to Animated Feature Films began only in the 21st century. Pixar is the great champion.

During the 20th century, animated feature films had to go to the game with real-life movies in the race for the Oscars. As a result, they never got very far in the ceremony, with the first nomination for the Oscar for Best Picture arriving only in 1992, for "Beauty and the Beast."

The immense quality that the animated films began to reveal from the 90s, added to the multiplicity of films released since that time and the overwhelming success of many of them at the box office, led to the Academy finally adding the trophy for Best Feature Film to his list of official awards at the Academy's 74th Academy Awards in 2002. The winner was a production of DreamWorks Animation, "Shrek."

As the number of feature films released in the United States ranges annually between 10 and 20, the number of troupe nominees varies: in a year in which eight to 12 films premiere, two or three may be nominated; in a year in which 13 to 15 films are released, there may be up to four nominations; and in a year in which more than 16 films debut, they reach the five nominations. But if until 2008 only once reached the five nominations, the accelerated increase in the production of animation tapes has led to as of 2009, every year there have been five films in the run to the golden figurine. This year there are 25 eligible to the trophy.

Pixar is the record holder of wins in this category, with nine Oscars from 11 nominations. DreamWorks has won 11 nominations but has only two wins (or one and a half, considering that "Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Rabbit" was produced with Aardman). In turn, Disney has three statues, corresponding to 10 nominations. Andrew Stanton, Brad Bird, Pete Docter and Lee Unkrich each received two Oscars each for Pixar films, the first for "Finding Nemo" and "Wall.E", the second for "The Incredibles" and 'Ratatui', the third by 'Up' and 'Fun-Mind', and the fourth by 'Toy Story 3' and 'Coco'.

"Beauty and the Beast" was the only animated film nominated for the Best Picture Oscar before the number of nominations was extended to include up to 10 contestants. Later, both "Up" and "Toy Story 3" managed to accumulate the nominations of Best Film with the Best Animated Feature, winning in the second category.

Because, until two years ago, the nominees for the category were voted exclusively by animation professionals, films that came out of the traditional Anglo-Saxon production axis and which thus gained international visibility were increasingly appearing.

So far in French have appeared "Belleville Rendez-vous", "Persepolis", "Une Vie de Chat", "Ernest and Celestine" and "My Life of Courgette", as well as "The Magician" and "The Red Tortoise" , practically without dialogues (as the British "The Sheep Choné" and the Brazilian "The Boy and the World"); in Spanish was the game "Chico & Rita"; and in Japan five Studio Ghibli titles have been honored: "Chihiro's Journey", "The Castle Andante", "The Wings of the Wind", "The Tale of Princess Kaguya" and "Memories of Marnie", with the first to lead figurine for home.

Although spoken in English, three films from the Irish Cartoon Salon: "The Secret of Kells", "The Song of the Sea" and "The Breadwinner", as well as the Polish "The Passion of Van Gogh" and the independent film American "Anomalisa", the first named in this category to have received the Restricted age rating in the USA, that is, restricted entry to those under 17 years of age. "

Since last year, as rules have been amended to extend to all professionals of the Academy the possibility of voting for nominations in this category, it is expected that in the coming years the geographic variety of the films will be smaller and that the preponderance of the great productions north American women.

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