Accelerate deep into Max Runner and beat friends online – Android

The name Max Runner quickly indicates what we can expect from this new title available on Android. On the one hand, Max pays homage to the post-apocalyptic scenarios of Mad Max and the sequences of car chases. On the other hand, the concept of Runner based on the games with infinite circuits that attest the reflexes and persistence of the players.

In Max Runner you have to survive as long as possible on the forked paths of the tracks, avoid obstacles such as walls, rocks and even dirt barriers in the center of the tracks. The controls are simple, touching left and right to hit the steering, and let's say that the car is very responsive to the controls.

The longer you survive, the more points you will gain and compare with your friends' results. Along the track you can collect extra points, but avoid stepping on the red icons that decrease the score.

The game was created by a young Portuguese student, Alexandre Santos, who dreams of pursuing a career in video game production. This is the result of teaching video games in Portugal that are beginning to bear fruit, in this case a course that took in the World Academy. The game was created entirely by you, having only the collaboration of a friend to create the songs. The young man is already preparing his second video game, this time a platforms adventure called A Light in the Dark, the result of a Game Jam.

You can try Max Runner for free on Android at the following address.

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