Accumulation of functions in public office gives rise to 13 resignations – Jornal Económico

The Attorney General's Office (PGR) has received a total of 631 declarations of incompatibilities and impediments of senior public officials, which after analysis led to 13 cases of resignation for illegal accumulation of duties in 2018, the “Morning Mail” this Monday, 12 August.

The 13 cases of resignation involve holders of public office that fall under the governing staff status of the central, regional and local government services and bodies, as well as the Public Manager Statute.

The PGR evaluated 631 statements with the purpose of assessing incompatibilities and impediments of public office holders, noting that 54 statements have not yet been submitted, although they have already been requested.

According to the CM, which cites the PGR activity report, there were also 63 additional requests for clarification. The document also revealed that there were 12 applications for accumulation authorization accepted and one case in which PGR's incompatibility decision was reversed.

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