ACOS – Southern Farmers Association presents contributions to VEPREP 2020-2030

ACOS - Southern Farmers Association presents contributions to VEPREP 2020-2030

The Montado ecosystem, the enlargement of the Alqueva irrigation system and the creation of a large southern agrifood cluster are the main proposals

ACOS – Southern Farmers Association, based in Beja, within the scope of the public discussion process of the “Strategic Vision for the Portugal 2020-2030 Economic Recovery Plan (VEPREP)” by António Costa da Silva, presented strategic proposals in the areas of forest, irrigation, agriculture, environment and climate change.

In the forestry sector, ACOS calls for the definition of specific strategies in the area of ​​the mounted ecosystem that reverse the associated decline, aggravated by the impact of climate change taking into account the economic, social and environmental importance of this ecosystem and the multiplicity of activities and products derived therefrom.

As part of the exploration of the Iberian Hinterland space proposed by the Plan, ACOS, representing around two thousand partners from all professional areas linked to agriculture and livestock throughout the south of the country, proposes the creation of a large agrifood cluster in the South. cover the “Crops from the irrigation of the Multi-Purpose Enterprise of Alqueva, the horticultural and horticultural crops of the Alentejo coast and the Algarve and the great diversity of products of high quality, originating from extensive livestock in this vast region of the south of Portugal”.

In order to reinforce the concept of this geo-economic space, and for an effective approximation to the cross-border regions of Andalusia and Extremadura, it is essential "The use and viability of accessibility and transport infrastructures, existing and to be developed, namely, Beja Airport, the railway and the highway".

As for irrigation, the development and adhesion of farmers to the Alqueva project has been demonstrating the need to guarantee volumes of water for this purpose. So, according to ACOS, "it would be essential to contemplate some investments in more water collection / retention structures, increasing the volume of some reservoirs in the system and addressing the construction of new / new dams for ecological purposes, namely to guarantee the flow of the Guadian RiverThe. The farmers' commitment is the efficient management of irrigation water through the use of the most advanced technologies and their active participation as key users of this scarce resource. "

With regard to combating desertification and as measures to mitigate climate change, ACOS recommends "the construction of water reservoirs geographically distributed throughout the southern region of the country, which avoid waste to the sea and function not only as a guarantee of supply to the population, but also for agriculture and livestock."


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