Action 'Mechanical Wheel'. Fisco launches national raid to workshops – The Economic Journal

Action 'Mechanical Wheel'. Fisco launches national raid to workshops - The Economic Journal

The Tax Authority (TA) last week triggered a mega action at national level that focused on maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, usually referred to as "Offices". A total of 4,100 workshops were held in the scope of the Roda Mecânica action, which resulted in 110 news items due to non-invoice issuance, non-compliance with the formal requirements of the documents issued, and non-use of a Certified Billing Program.

This is another action of the tax administration against tax evasion, with a control centered on IRC, IRS and VAT, that took place on November 19 and 20, through the Tax and Customs Inspection and in collaboration with ASAE, GNR and PSP, reveals AT.

According to AT, the action focused on controlling the establishments where maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles are carried out, usually referred to as "Workshops" and had about 320 inspectors of the treasury.

AT's action seeks to request these companies the type of invoice registration (namely if it works with certified billing systems), registration of employees, to know if these entities are registered, as well as the control of the issuance of invoices.

The tax administration reveals that it is planned to "carry out subsequent inspection procedures in cases where high risks of non-compliance are detected", in addition to the fines and tax adjustments to which the workshops were subject.

The tax authorities emphasize that the aim of this type of action is to "ensure a fair division of fiscal effort", emphasizing that "it will continue to significantly strengthen its presence on the ground, in order to encourage voluntary compliance by dissuading possible non-compliance , so this is only one of many actions that have been developed, and a set of other actions are under way in the same scope, oriented to various sectors of activity.

Along with hair and beauty salons and restaurants, automobile and motorcycle repair shop invoices are among those that can be used by taxpayers to reduce the IRS, as it is possible to lower income tax by 15%. VAT supported.

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