Actress discredited, Asia Argento made #MeToo losing the battle in Italy – Showbiz

Actress discredited, Asia Argento made #MeToo losing the battle in Italy - Showbiz

One of the main voices of the movement, the Italian actress Asia Argento, was the victim of a real campaign to discredit it in the own country.

The actress went from pioneer of the movement to abusive after the young American actor Jimmy Bennett to have accused of sexual abuse.

"The image that the Italians have of Argento Asia is that of a transgressive woman, the daughter of an important film director [Dario Argento]"said Ella Fegitz, media and media specialist at King's College London.

"People have the feeling that she has succeeded thanks to favors and not so much for her talent, so it has less credibility for public opinion," says the Italian scholar who researches on women and sexuality.

Both public figures and journalists criticized the actress, known for her roles as a sexy and disturbed woman, who waited 20 years to file a lawsuit against Weinstein.

Famous colleagues, like their compatriot and former Bond girl Maria Grazia Cucinotta, say they are not on the list of victims of abuse because they were able to say "no" to similar situations.

But beyond the "Argento" case, Italy's repudiation of #MeToo also has a historical explanation.

"Since the Second World War, the idea that young, beautiful and somewhat dumb young women are sexually available to ascend socially is part of the collective unconscious," says Fegitz.

"The exchange between sex and economic well-being, between a girl who aspires to fame and a man who has the means to achieve it, is perceived as normal by the Italians," he adds.

This figure was incarnated by so-called "velinas," television show hosts, a sort of long-haired Barbie and mini-skirt, true celebrities of the mogul's channels and former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in the 1980s.

The famous Prime Minister's evening notices with beautiful women, many of them reciprocated with generous gifts, confirmed that there was not so much difference between the "velina" and the high-level prostitute.

"There is a fundamental cultural problem in Italy because we continue to believe that a woman can progress in life only thanks to her physical, although they obtain better results in the university than the men," Laura Boldrini, former president of Chamber of Deputies (2013-2018), who became a women's cause activist.

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