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Admiral António Silva Ribeiro will be the speaker of the next theme 'Armed Forces' that the Economic Development Association (SEDES) will debate on May 13, at SEDES headquarters in Lisbon (between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.) End of the afternoon with who knows at SEDES '. The debate on the theme 'Portuguese Economy' will be held on 27 May, in which the economist Vítor Bento will be the speaker.

See here the curriculum of Admiral António Silva Ribeiro.

In the previous debate organized in the context of the events 'late-afternoon with who knows at SEDES', held on April 29th, the theme of the 'Railroad' was approached, which had the presentation of the specialist in the sector and professor of the Higher Institute Mário Lopes and also the contributions of the responsible for the Association of Manufacturers for the Automobile Industry (AFIA), Tomás Moreira, and the head of the Forum for Competitiveness, Pedro Ferraz da Costa.

Tomás Moreira admitted that the main Portuguese manufacturing plants in the automotive sector will not have time to wait for future investments in the national railway infrastructure that will make rail transport services more competitive.

The AFIA official said that the industries in his sector are already considering transport strategies that use the rail links that depart from the Spanish dry ports of Vigo, Salamanca and Badajoz.

Chaired by university professor João Duque, SEDES is the oldest Portuguese civic association, founded in 1970 by elements with academic backgrounds and very different professional activities.

In addition to João Duque, the directors of SEDES, Alexandre Patrício Gouveia, Álvaro Beleza, Carlos Alves, Gustavo Guimarães, José Ribeiro e Castro, Maria João Louro and Rui Paiva are members of SEDES.

It is recalled that at the genesis of SEDES was the desire for change that the founders cherished for the society of the 70s, participation in Christian organizations, humanism, socio-cultural development and democracy.

Over time, SEDES has maintained the orientation of the founders, holding meetings, structuring working groups and promoting debates in various parts of the country. It was also one of the first Portuguese organizations to defend the rapprochement of the country to the European Community, emphasizing civic pluralism.

This association frequently states that "there may not have been a single Government since April 25 that it did not count among its members with SEDES members."

It is still a citizenship school. "Their positions and political analyzes were references to the media and translated the pluralism of interventions and instil respect for political diversity among its members," said the association.

"The SEDES project, based on a proposal for political democratization, liberalization of information and association mechanisms, would allow the various social forces to formulate and construct solutions for a consistent political and socially fair development," he says.

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