ADSE: Association of beneficiaries accuses management of "opacity" – Actuality

ADSE: Association of beneficiaries accuses management of "opacity" - Actuality

At a press conference in Lisbon, the president of the association, Carlos Mamede, stressed the "great concern" of the beneficiaries with the sustainability of the ADSE, due to "catastrophic alarmism that insists on announcing the immediate extinction or medium-term insolvency of the ADSE" .

"On the contrary, the system is and will be sustainable since it is well managed," said Carlos Mamede, pointing out criticisms of "lack of transparency and opacity" to the board headed by Sofia Lopes Portela, but also to the Government.

The ADSE is funded by the contributions of about 1.2 million beneficiaries who "are entitled to be informed about the management of the ADSE" and what is seen is "a total opacity in relation to the management" of the health system, "the which is very worrying, "said Carlos Mamede.

"It is incomprehensible" that the extension of the health system to the individual contracts of the public administration, "a measure with which everyone agrees" and "indispensable for the sustainability of the system", is not yet legislated.

According to him, "good management of the ADSE also has a good system of auditing and fighting fraud and concluding the negotiations that began after the February conflict with private health providers that need to be concluded with the approval of tables with closed prices ".

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