AFA creates Hope Championship next season

Bola de futebol

Soccer ball

The Football Association of Aveiro (AFA) will create, next season, a competition of soccer of Sub-22, which will be denominated Championship of Hopes.

Allowing young people to have a competitive space that allows them to follow the course they have taken along the younger ranks and thus avoid possible dropouts are the basis of the decision. Clubs interested in participating in the event must inform the AFA of this intention by June 30.
The idea came after a meeting with the coordinators of the Aveira clubs, at the end of which the AFA Management approved the creation of the competition. At the base of the decision is the current competitive requirement of the senior championships, which has inhibited and made difficult the integration and sports progression of young talents, after completing the training course.
Faced with this difficulty, it became fundamental for the AFA to create a competitive model that allows to follow up the process of optimization of the potential of the young footballer, so that in the future it may correspond to the difficulties of the models of game and effort of the senior championships .
"This new test gives more opportunities to young people who finish their junior soccer education and allow them to continue to compete. The objective is then to be able to integrate the senior plants, thus avoiding abandonment and erosion, "says Arménio Pinho, president of the AFA.

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