AFA promotes Immortal to the Championship of Portugal

AFA promotes Immortal to the Championship of Portugal

The Algarve Football Association (AFA) decided to conclude the senior football season, in view of the setback in the deflation in Portimão and Albufeira, indicating the Immortal as a representative for the Championship of Portugal.

In a statement, the AFA reveals that, on the 29th of March, it met with all the clubs participating in the senior football competitions and that it expressed the desire to resume the senior football competitions – interrupted in January -, albeit under different molds.

Subsequently, with the government's Thursday communication on the setback in the Portimão deflation process (back to previous rules) and the brake in Albufeira (remains as it is) – which would prevent clubs in these municipalities from resuming activity from Monday – the scenario has changed.

Decision against work to resume

"After careful analysis of all this factuality, and going in the opposite direction to all the work that we developed to make the resumption of the events a reality, we decided to end the senior football events in the current sports season", underlines the body led by Reinaldo Teixeira.

The fact that several teams were unable to participate in the tests on the date initially planned, explains the AFA, "makes the continuity of the test unfeasible in terms of available calendar dates, not guaranteeing equal conditions for all participants".

Based on this decision, which the association believes “is the fairest”, it was decided that, at the current time, “there will be no champions”.

Following the regulation, the Immortal will be appointed as representative of the AFA for the Championship of Portugal, which from 2021/22 will become the fourth national echelon, while Farense B – who competed with a team of juniors – will rise to I District Division.

Ferreiras can go to the Portuguese Cup

In the event that the regulation of the Portuguese Cup will allow the appointment of another team, the AFA will appoint FC Ferreiras.

The association also decided that “there will be no division descents in the current sports season” and that, to normalize the 1st District Division with 12 teams, the 2021/2022 season will entail “the number of division descents necessary for the next season's competition just start ”with that number of badges.

“This is a very thoughtful decision and one that was difficult to take, given that we always strive for the resumption of the tests, which we have given due account of in the meetings held with the clubs. But we consider that, considering all the circumstances, it is the only fair decision to be made. This desire for recovery expressed by us has always been accompanied by the majority of clubs, whose contributions and efforts at this very difficult time have already been acknowledged and thanked ”, concludes the AFA.


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